Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yee Haw...Ride Em' Cowboy!

Bennett & Jackson...the Cowboys!

Bennett found his Cowboy hat and has been running around the house ever since, saying..."Yee Haw, Ride a cowboy hat." He found a long ribbon, and says he is going to "Lasso" everything. It is so cute and so funny. I thought I better post up some pics of him in cowboy mode. He wants to be a pirate for halloween, cause he wants to wear an eye patch, but now I am debating to have him be a cowboy. Let me know what you think...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bennett Update

Well, Bennett is going to be 2.5 on Monday so I guess it is time to say bye-bye to "Binky mouth." I decided to snip the tips off of all the Binky's before I ran the dishwasher the other morning. He was waiting for the dishwasher to be done so that he could have his bink, and go lay down to watch Diego. I gave him one, he popped it in his mouth, started to walk away...and then STOPPED! Bennett:"Oh, No!! My Binky mouth is broken." Me:"Ought Oh, if it's broken you better throw it in the garbage." Needless to say, he proceeded to throw every single Binky in the garbage. We are officially two days with zero binks. We have had a few requests, quickly followed by, "Oh, there broken and thrown in the garbage." I think it is safe to say, the Binky addiction is officially over.
He has been quite a turkey when it comes to eating lately. If it weren't for sippy cups of milk and juice, combined with butterscotch pudding the boy would be starved. We were at the Knolls last weekend for Dynofest and I was trying to get him to eat breakfast. I told him he had to have 7 bites before he could go outside and ride bikes. He ate 1 bite, then he would hold the tiny pieces of french toast up to him mouth, and then very dramatically say..."I can't, it's too heavy." Apparently, it's too much to eat a few pieces of bread. Today, I was trying to get him to eat anything for lunch, and he said that a sandwich was "too big", and wheat thins were "too little". A quesadilla was "too tight," and soup was "too yucky." He is such a little kiddo, and we are loving all of his hilarious little comments. He is a really big helper, and is loving to learn Spanish with "Go Diego Go." Our next big step is potty training, any suggestions or tips are appreciated.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Farewell to Summer

Ready for a ride...

Who needs a scarf when you have puppies?

We need this little boy out of the way...where can we put him?

Bennett really wanted this "Motorcycle Bikey"

Kate & Rob in Chuck's Sandrail

Bennett & Mommy

Me & Trit at the Pioneer Days Rodeo

It is turning into fall quickly, and since today is September 1st...I thought I would start saying goodbye. We had an awesome summer! Apparently I was too busy playing and working that I didn't have time to blog about any of it. My baby sister Trit was up for most of the summer, along with her three year old Jackson, and baby girl Hannah. I work three shifts a week from 6PM to 6AM, so in between sleeping and caring for Bennett it's been a little crazy! Some of our summer highlights were going to the Sand Dunes, the Pioneer Days Rodeo, Cowabunga Bay, and spending time with our family. We haven't made it to Lagoon or to the drive in yet, but I think we may still be able to squeeze those in.