Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Massive Upate

Have I really been so busy the last 6 weeks that I haven't even had time to update or see what anyone else has been doing? Yes, it is true! We have been so crazy lately, but we have a lot of exciting news to share! Here are some of the things we have been up to...
-Kate is officially a Registered Nurse!
-Bennett turned 2 years old!
-We went to Moab for Easter Weekend!
-Kate had a birthday!
-Kate is employed after a two years off!

First things first, I couldn't justify blogging for a few weeks while I was studying to take my RN boards. I took them on March 30 and was really nervous when the test shut off after only 75 questions. The test is crazy, you keep testing until you have proved that you are competent enough to be a RN. You can answer anywhere from 75-265 questions. I went in thinking I was going to be there for 6 hours and answer 265 questions. After only 1.5 hours and 75 questions, the screen went gray and told me I was done. I knew that I had either done really well, or really bad. The horrible thing is, they make you wait for 48 hours before disclosing your results on the DOPL website. I tried to keep busy during that time, by transforming Bennett's room into a big boy room. I helped the time pass, but the morning of April 1st I was terrified. I got up super early, to check the website. The first time I checked, it hadn't been updated yet. I was relieved, but still so scared. So, I decided to try and get some more sleep. At about 6:45, I got up again. I was like...ok, DOPL opens in like 15 minutes, the website had better be updated by now. I went to verify a license, typed in my name...And there it was...Active Registered Nursing License. I couldn't scream, cause I would wake everyone up. So, I dropped my laptop and jumped up and down!!! Saying, Yes! YEs! YES!!! As quietly as I could! Then I ran into our bedroom, and jumped on the bed. Rob looked up at me and said so??? I just screamed! We were so excited! Rob wanted to go back to bed, but I just kept smiling! I had to get up and call everyone I knew that would be awake that early. Nursing school is really tough, but going through it with a baby and a young family was really tough. I have to brag for a minute and say I am so excited and proud of myself. It was a long road, but I did it!! Of course, I couldn't have done it without all the support that I had. Especially from Rob! He has been a amazing! Dixie and Ginger too! Really everyone has helped me so much, between taking Bennett for me and helping me study, thanks everyone!!

Our little baby boy turned 2!! I laid there before his birthday party and had to count the months and events that have happened to us over the past two years to make sure that it really was true. And it is, he is our big two year old boy. We celebrated his birthday with a "Rock N' Roll" party. He is big time into guitars, singing, and dancing. He got a mini fender for his birthday, and we had a Guitar Pinata, a guitar cake, and played Rock Band. He loved having everyone over. He was so cute opening his gifts. Most kids just throw the gift cause they are so excited to open more. Not our Bee's, he had to try on every outfit, get every toy out and play with it before he could move on to the next gift. He was a little angel.

I am back to work. I am working as a RN at a facility in South Ogden called Mountain View. I really like it so far, and love the hours! So far, it has been great! I will probably go back to the hospital sooner than later, but I thought this would be a great way to get a little experience, not to mention they pay quite a bit more than the hospital. Eventually, I want to do L&D, so hopefully I am on my way.

I will post the pics of Bennett's birthday when I figure out where I saved them. For now, here are some cute pics of the little angel!

Daddy & Bennett!