Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Girls & Drivers....BEWARE! Eli's Home!

Our nephew Eli finally made it home safely from India. After some confusion in India, as to whether or not they should let him out of the country...Two days later, he made it. We are so glad he is back, and it just feels normal to have him home. Welcome Home Elder Story!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Funny Little Dude

"Cleaning Ears"

"Daddy's Shoes"

My Bennett is starting to be such a funny little guy. He loves clomping around in whatever shoes he can get his feet into, even if his own shoes are already on. He loves being a big boy, and being able to take care of himself. He cleans out his own ears, brushes his own teeth, combs his own hair, and helps do whatever else he can. He loves to sweep and swiffer the floor, and loves to get chased by the vacuum. My friend Tammy came over on Friday with her little baby Beckam, and I was a little nervous that B would get jealous of him. He didn't get jealous at all, he just wanted to show that little guy all the stuff he could do. He kept wanting Beckam to "watch him" while he went down the slide, danced, jumped, and ran around. It was really cute, and fun. He is 19 months old today, and I wonder where the time has gone. He is so fun, and we can't love him enough. He still always has either a car or a motorcycle in one of his hands, and has to have a bink and a blank most of the time. I know he is getting big, but he is still my baby.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Just so you know...
There is a snake in my front yard.


I was wishing today that I could chop my hair off, and be done with this whole long hair phase. Then I got thinking...when is Eli coming home? All of the "Story Girls" + Rob and Kent, have been growing our hair out, and have not cut it for what seems like forever. Just to clarify, I have still had a trim every 8 weeks, so it really isn't that bad. So, I was so excited to realize that we only have 20 more days without our Eli. We are so excited for Eli to come home, and all of the reasons have nothing to do with hair cuts....
Here are my top 10 reasons for Eli to come home.
1. Eli has never met Mr. Bennett Race.
2. We get our $Free.99 welder back.
3. We get random visits from Eli late at night wanting to hang out.
4. We have a movie buddy.
5. We have a sand dunes buddy.
6. We may have another free babysitter, pending #1's response.
7. Someone else besides me, who LOVES mashed potatoes.
8. Chuck will have someone else to blame for missing tools, besdies Rob & Jacob.
9. The entertainment of watching Nat & Al share a room again.
10. We have missed him terribly, and can't wait to see him again.
We are so proud of Eli, and the work that he has done in India, but we are so ready for him to come home. The Story's haven't been the same without him. So, E...hurry up and get home, we miss ya!