Saturday, March 22, 2008

The boy is 1!

Well, our little "B" made it a whole year. He is such an angel and we are so grateful that we got him. Last night we had a little party for him, I was just listening to what everyone was calling him. That little guy has a lot of names. I was just thinking that I should write them all down, so we can remember all the fun things we called him. So his actual name is Bennett Race, but the list of aliases is quite extensive...



Bees Wax


Benny B


Benny B Bobby Beaver Buffalo Boof



Race Face





Little Dude

Little B

Love Bug

Angel Face

And my dad calls Jackson & Bennett, Bennett & Broke it.

In my family, you don't actually go by your name. I am pretty sure my dad has a nickname for every person that he associates with. And I have taken on some of that, and usually just shorten everyones names. I usually just call everyone the first syllable of their name.

All this naming got me curious, so I just went and dug out my baby book. My parents did the same thing and called me all sorts of funny names...

Cute Kate

Tiny Mite

10 Pounds of Fun


Cooly Cooly

Boola Van Dyke


Funny huh....

Anyways, I was just looking at my little guy today, and can't beleive that he is one. What a fun age. He is so cute, and all of you who know him know of his beautiful blue eyes. I don't think I have ever taken him out of my house without someone stopping me to tell me how cute he is, and how amazing his big blue eyes are. He has the biggest blue eyes, and they are framed in with the longest blond eyelashes you have ever seen. He really is an angel baby. I am excited to watch him learn and grow more and more. I love you Bennett, Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tag...I am it!

I have been tagged to do the husband survey....Here goes!

1. What is his name? Benjamin Robin Story.

2. How long have you been together? We have been married for three years, been together for 5.5 years, and have been friends since Junior High.

3. How old is he? He is 27 years old. He was born on Friday the 13th, of February 1981.

4. Who eats more? Are you serious...Me! Rob never eats. He likes to drink. For dinner he will eat five bites of food, and then drink 5 gatorades. He doesn't need food to live. He hates food and to eat. And he even hates treats, because he doesn't have sweet tasting taste budes after he bit his tongue off in high school. Food is like the one thing we don't understand each other on. I love to eat, obviously. And Rob just isn't feeling it. I sometimes wish that I had a hungry man.

5. Who said "I love you" first? Probably me. I have been in love with Rob since 7th grade, so I was probably jumping the gun a little when I made the confession.

6. Who is taller? Rob! It would be pretty weird if some guy were shorter than me. I am only 5'2". Rob is about 5'10", so when I don't have shoes on, he is way taller...

7. Who sings better? Rob. He has a beautiful voice. I love it when we sing together. Although, since I don't play violin anymore, he always tells me that I am flat. So, now I never sing in front of him, cause I am scared that he'll tell me that I am off key.

8. Who does the laundry? That would be me. I pretty much do all of the housework. Isn't that what homemakers are supposed to do? Rob goes to work, and I stay home and raise the baby, clean the house, and cook the meals.

9. Who pays the bills? When we actually pay our bills, it is me. Rob and I are both horrid with bills and money. We try, but we really should hire someone to do that for us. I am thinking Ginger would be really good at that.

10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I sleep on the right side. For the first two years of marriage, it was opposite. But since we have our B, the right side is closer to the door. So when I was nursing him, we switched so that I could be closer do the door. Weird huh, cause usually once you pick a side, you stay there forever...

11. Who mows the lawn? We both do. Our lawnmower broke last year. So, whenever it was my turn we would just borrow someones push mower, but if it was Rob's turn, all of the sudden it was no big deal to load up his dad's "swather" and head down to our place. Interesting huh... Acutally, I really enjoyed when his dad's was here. I would just load up Tyke and B on my lap and we would get ir done....

12. Who cooks dinner? When we have dinner, it is me. Since I go to school every day from 4:30-9:30 we don't eat a whole lot in the evenings.

13. Who drives? Rob! I hate to drive with him, he is the worse side seat driver ever. He even tells his parents how to drive... So he drives us everywhere we go.

14. What does he like to do? snowboard, snowmobile, ride motorcycles, fix cars, read forums, have sex, you know...the usual man things.

15. Who is more stubborn? Uh...Rob. I am like the most easy going person ever, and he is SO stubborn. It is in the Story's genetic make up to be stubborn and have a temper.

16. Who kissed who first? I don't remember...we kissed for the first time when I was in 8th grade. I just remember that it was on his parents couch. And he is an awesome kisser. I kissed a lot of boys after Rob, and no one even came close. I guess that is why, I went back and married the guy. LOL.

17. Who proposed to who? What is this question? What woman would propose to a man? He proposed to me. It was super fun, I always told the boys that I dated that if they didn't propose in a cute way, that I would say no. I guess Rob put a lot of thought into it, cause he did a dang good job.

18. Who has more friends? Rob, although they always end up being both of our friends. He is still best buds with all of his high school buddies, then he has work friends, then he has car friends, then he has snowmobile friends, then he has his random friends that I have no idea where he meets these people....

19. Who is more sensitive? I am going to have to go with Rob on this one. He is very sentimental to a lot of things, and his needs and feelings are really sensitive.

20. Who has more siblings? Me! I have Amos, my brother, and then Ginger, Josie (Ryan), and Deli (Dustin). So I guess I have six. Rob has Brad (Deb), Amber, and Ellie (Kent). So I just have one more than him.

21. Who wears the pants? Rob... There is never any alteration. Refer to ?# 15 for any questions...

I love my husband very much! He is a wonderful provider, and such a good daddy. Not very many men would support there wives through school, and take the kid for hours on end every night. You are the best!! Love you!

The 25th Anniversary of Me!

Well, it is official...I am 25 years old. This event happened on Sunday, March 16, 2008. My Rob took me on a wonderful surprise, and we had a lot of fun. I couldn't believe that Rob could pull of a surprise like he did. He arranged the babysitters, packed the suitcases, and made the reservations all right under my nose. We went and stayed at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. It was so gorgeous and fabulous. We got all dressed up, and went to PF Changs for dinner. It is one of my favorite places to eat, and the food was so yummy. After dinner, we went and met some friends at the Tavernacle. It is a social club, that has two pianos. They will play whatever songs you request, and it was tons of fun. Rob requested that they since it was my birthday, that I stand up on the piano and have everyone sing to me. I also had to dance on the piano, to me and Rob's song... "poor some sugar on me." It was hilarious. We had such a fun time, and it was nice to just be the two of us. We have only spent one other night alone together since we got our little B. So, it was nice to sleep in and not have to do anything. Thanks Honey!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tay, kissing her Benny B Bobby Beaver Buffalo Boof

Taylee Essence Allen
8 Years Old Today!

Happy Birthday Tay!

I can't believe it...My oldest neice turned 8 years old today. I still remember the day the Ginger had her. I can't belieive that 8 years has gone by so fast, she is so big now. I love that little woman, and she is one of my best friends. She can make by B's laugh more than anyone else can. He thinks she is so hilarious, and she loves to get him rolling. She is about the funniest thing in the world, she calls Bennett, Benny B Bobby Beaver Buffalo Boof. Everytime she talks to him, he cracks up. I am just going to share some funny stories of Tay, for her special day. As you know, Taylee's biolgical father (Brown people is what she calls them) is black...One day we were playing I spy in the car, and I said something brown. She said her hair, her eyes, everything she could see in the car. When I kept saying no, she finally stopped and looked around for a long time. Finally she said...MY DAD? It was hilarious! She is so funny. Another funny story is the other day, Me, Tay, and Jen went out to dinner. We were talking about Fergie, and how she was engaged to the man I was really supposed to marry, Josh Duhmel. So, I said that I hated Fergie. Then a few days later, we were driving in the car, and I turned on Fergie. She said, "Kate, I thought you hate Fergie." I explained to her, that I didn't actually hate her, that I was just jealous that she is going to marry my want-to-be hottie. She sat there for a minute, and then said..."Kate, is sounds to me that you just need to be greatful for Rob. Cause you have a wonderful husband, and he loves you very much." I thought it was so cute, and it is always nice to have a child really put things in perspective for you. So, I am no longer jealous of Fergie, cause I to have a hott husband who loves me. I am posting a picture of Tay, so you can see how beautiful she is. She looks so much like my mother, and I love to see a little bit of her in each of us.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon...

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to keep in touch with my friends and family better. I realize that it is March, but that is still towards the beginning of the year, Right? So, here goes.... For those of you who haven't seen or talked to me for awhile, I will give a quick update. Rob is still working at Edge, and really loving it. I am loving it to because his boss let's him come in an hour early everyday so that he is off in time to come home and be daddy, while I am at school. Also, they decided to work 9 hour days so that they can have every other Friday off, this totally rocks, cause I have Clinical every Friday. I am just busy with Bennett, school, and house stuff. We got a wild hair on Friday, and Rob let me paint my kitchen ceiling and my dining room wall RED! It looks fantastic, but my house is still a mess from all the painting and trim work. Bennett is almost 1! I am freaking out, where did a year go. So, mark your calendars, little dude will be 1 on March 21st.