Friday, February 20, 2009

Toilet Trouble

So, I have this great idea that I am going to potty train the dude before I go back to work in April. Good thinking...right? So, I went to the store, bought a cute potty, got Bennett all sorts of excited... I think that I am on the right track of getting this all right. So, every couple of hours I ask him if he wants to sit on the potty. I take off his diaper and his pants and he is hanging out on the pot. For some reason, he decides that he needs to take off all of his clothes. So, he strips down to his birthday suit and is hanging out. At this point nothing is happening, so we start doing other things. So, I am putting away clothes, picking up toys, and whatever else and I am thinking that I will just keep a close eye on that little naked guy. Of course, the phone rings and a friend needs me to jump on the computer and look at something. So, I am preoccupied and all of the sudden Bennett gets that look...I was not able to get off the phone fast enough. As a girl I assumed that it would just dribble down his legs. I was way wrong!!! That thing shot off like a rocket launcher and sprayed everywhere. Needless to say, my kitchen walls got a much needed scrubbing. I guess we will try again tomorrow. Any and all tips are appreciated!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Valentines Birthday!

We had a very fun weekend filled with Rob's Birthday and Valentines Day. Rob turned the ripe old age of 28 years old on Friday the 13th. For those of you who don't know how creepy that is, he was born on Friday the 13th, and the last three of his SSN is 666. I know, it is quiet possible that he is the devil. He wanted to just hang out this year and not do his famous little kid birthday parties. So, we went and saw Underworld, went to Mimi's and then hung out with a few friends after. Rob was very excited to get a new chain, sprockets, and a new riding jacket for his special day! Valentines was fun this year, we both decided that Bennett would be our Valentine. We got each other new hoodies for Spring time riding. Bennett got his favorite song, "Chicken Fried," on CD, a John Deere tractor book, and the entire cycle town from Harley Davidson. He loved it!! We spent the day in Salt Lake at a few motorcycle shops, and then had a nice lunch at the Spaghetti Factory. Bennett loved seeing the Trolley and eating noodles. After a nice long nap, we invited Rob's parents over for a heart shaped Papa Murphy's pizza and Cake & Ice Cream for Rob's B-day. It was a very fun weekend, excepting that Bennett has Croup and Rob and I have a cold. Other than that, it was fabulous! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Silly Bennett....

Bennett is talking so much now! He says pretty much anything that anyone says, so please watch your language around the little guy. I think my boy is so darling, but he is much more like Rob than me. Other than his pale white skin, white hair, and pokey out ears he is all Rob. Turns out, he is a little like me...he is so funny! If some of you don't know...I am actually quite hilarious, you just need to wait and see me when I am in my zone. Anyways, Bennett has been cracking us up the past few days. I had to share some of the funny things that he has done or said.
-His cousins have a dog named "Scrappy" that we call "Scrap" for short. Last night we were leaving Rob's parents home, and Scrap came running up. Bennett saw him, and was like..."look, the cat." I said, that is not a cat, it is Scrap. He then started yelling, Crap, come here Crap. I don't know why, but it made me laugh so hard. So, now every time I see Scrap, I am going to be thinking CRAP.
-He is OBSESSED with our poor little Tyker-Boo. Tyke is a tiny little Maltese dog, and unless Bennett has food, Tyke generally hates him. Tyke when and got a hair cut the other day, so Bennett would not leave him alone. He kept loving him and kissing him to death. So, when it was time for night-night Bennett wouldn't go get in his bed unless his "boo" came with him. So poor Tyker, had to sleep in the crib with the terrible little boy two nights in a row.
-We have been teaching Bee all the words for our bodies. He loves to point to every ones feet, hands, and whatever else he knows and make sure he is right. Rob was in the tub awhile ago, and Bennett busted in on him. He was pointing to Rob's body and naming everything. When he got to his man parts, he said..."what's that?" Rob told him what it was and Bennett just stared at him...after a few seconds Bennett just said..."Whoa!" We laughed pretty hard, and I think Rob was a little embarrassed.
-Rob was putting together Bennett's train track the other day, when he decided to glue it all together and put it on a board so we didn't have to assemble the whole thing 15 times a day. He pinched his finger, and said "Damn." Bennett looked at Rob and said, "Damn." Rob & Justin laughed so hard, that Bennett kept saying it over and over and over. Naughty Daddy!
-Rob and I have been saying lately how we are fat and need to loose weight. The other night Bennett ran right into my legs so his head hit me right in the butt. I looked at him, and said don't run into me. He pointed to my butt, and said "fat?" I was like..."Yep, and it is a good thing too, or you may have just had a had injury."
-We tended Beckam last week, and of course Bennett wanted to do everything to help the baby. He told me everything the baby was doing. He would run up to me and say...Mom, the baby, his binks, fall, him mouth. I would tell him to give Beckam his Bink, and he would run back and say...Mom, the baby, binks, his mouth. He was such a good little helper and bawled his head off both days when Beckam went bye-bye.

Anyways, he is so much fun, and we love him so much.