Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Halloween

Bennett & Kylee

Ahoy Matey!

Little Pirate Man

We had a very happy halloween this year with our little pirate. After watching "Dora's Pirate Adventure" Bennett decided he wanted to be a pirate. We later found out, it was only because he thought he would get a treasure chest full of toys and prizes. Whatever his motive was, he was one cute little pirate. We went to a Halloween carnival at Edge the Monday before Halloween, Bennett definitely enjoyed eating baby doughnuts off of a string, and getting a bucket full of Candy with only a half hours effort. The Friday before Halloween we went to my work for a trick-or-treat where he received another bucket full of treats in about a 15 minute time period. Needless to say, when Halloween actually rolled around, we had too many trick or treats. Now everyday we get to pick a few "trick or treats" to have after lunch.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little Pirate! I have been waiting and waiting to see that little devil in his costume. YOu did so good, he is sooo cute. Tell him Jackson, baby hannah tanna and deli cat miss him

Nathan said...

Hey Katie! I found your blog from Trit's. What a cute little guy you have!

Pieces of Us said...

He is such a cute little pirate. I love that little boy!

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Syukie said...

Cute little pirate ,,,RAAWWRRR~

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John said...

Nice story.

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